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    Seam exception handling: error redirecting to facesContext.viewRoot.viewId

    Micah Newbie

      This post: http://seamframework.org/Community/AnyWayToKnowWhatIsTheCurrentViewid says that when configuring exception handling via pages.xml, instead of specifying a redirect to a predefined error view, you can specify that the redirect goes to the current view ID.  This is the code to use from the post


      so you have:

      <exception class="...."><redirect view-id="#{facesContext.viewRoot.viewId}"></exception>

      When I tested this with Seam 2.1.1.GA, it evaluates to an empty string, so that the redirect goes to my webapp root instead of the current view id.  However, if I embed the same EL expression within the message element, it correctly outputs the current viewId value inside the error message:

      <exception class="....">
          <redirect view-id="/error.xhtml">
          <message>viewID: #{facesContext.viewRoot.viewId}</message>

      the resulting error message displayed on /error.xhtml contains:

      viewID: /new.xhtml

      I got around this issue by redirecting to the following EL, which is equivalent to the viewID (my app has a prefix-mapped Faces Servlet):

      <exception class="....">
         <redirect view-id="#{facesContext.externalContext.requestServletPath}#{facesContext.externalContext.requestPathInfo}">

      But I was curious as to why the facesContext.viewRoot.viewId EL expression was correct inside the error message but was returned an empty string inside the redirect element.  Anyone else observed this?