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    Scope.Page and A4j post request

    Giovanni Miano Newbie

      Hi folks,
      I got a weird issue about page scope and ajax request.

      (running on Seam 2.1.2, Jboss 4.2.3, JVM 1.6, Richfaces 3.2.2.GA)

      I have a seam managed bean

      public class consoleAction implements Serializable { 
      public void startUp() {..}

      my pages.xml look like to

       <page view-id="console.xhtml" action="#{console.startUp}" login-required="true" />

      in my xhtml page i got a a4j:commandLink to perfom an action and reRender a a4j:outputpanel, something like

      <a4j:commandLink action="#{console.selectAbox(abj[0])}" limitToList="true" reRender="outputPanel_xxx" >

      The weird fact is that analysing the bean invokations, when I hit the a4j:commandLink then Seam re-invoke startUp() method.

      AFAIK withe a4j the page is not submitted therefore seam should not reload the page using the pages.xml attributes, right ?

      thanks a lot