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    hot incremental deployment of xhtml files and facelets.REFRESH_PERIOD

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      There is a facelets.REFRESH_PERIOD web.xml init parameter.  I have never used this but it sounds at least tangentially related to Seam hot incremental deployment of facelets:

      This is the period, in seconds, in which the compileris is checking for changes after a page is requested.  Lower values are useful during development, as you can edit your page in a running application, and the page will be compiled.  The default is 2.

      source: Facelets Essentials book

      anybody have any tips on how this should be configured in dev?  I've noticed that sometimes when I F5 my browser doesn't refresh the UI component tree and/or CSS/code, etc. as I expected it to...

      And does the F5 always issue the last command (i.e. either HTTP GET or HTTP POST)?  thx.