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    Parameter passed to rich:contextMenu

    Konstantinos Zacharakis Newbie


      I try to present a context menu in a rich:extendedDataTable passing as parameter the id of an entity, in order to load the EntityEdit page (with tha id as param). The value of the parameter is not loaded correctly using the f:param to the EntityEdit page.

      Is this some kind of bug or i am doing something wrong?


      The extendedDataTable code:

                   value="#{memberList.resultList}" var="memberVar" id="membersTable"            
                   sortMode="single" selectionMode="single" >          
                   <rich:column sortable="true" sortBy="#{memberVar.name}" width="100px" label="Name">
                      <f:facet name="header">
                          <h:outputText value="Name"/>
                      <h:outputText value="#{memberVar.name}"/>
                    <rich:componentControl event="onRowClick" for="contextMenu" operation="show">
                      <f:param value="#{memberVar.code}" name="memberCodeVar"/>                

      The context menu code:

      <rich:contextMenu attached="false" id="contextMenu" submitMode="ajax">
                  <rich:menuItem ajaxSingle="true">
                      <s:link view="/memberEdit.xhtml">                
                           <h:graphicImage id="editContextMenuItem" value="/img/icons/edit.gif" />
                            <h:outputLabel value="Edit" for="editContextMenuItem" />                      
                            <f:param id="memberCodeParam" name="memberCode" value="{memberCodeVar}" />