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    Spring and Seam integration example or wiki

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I've read thru Ch. 15 of SiA online pdf a couple times now.  It's very complicated to say the least.  I have no experience with Spring fwk and want to integrate/use JdbcTemplate in my Seam apps.

      Here is an excerpt from Ch. 15:

      Which classes of Spring can be assimilated into Seam? Well, it depends on their
      POJO rating, of course! As long as the class can act as a regular object, meaning it
      doesn’t attempt to call out to the Spring container or depend on any Spring container
      magic (at least that we can’t emulate), it’s a viable candidate. Here’s a small sampling
      just to get you thinking:

      Custom—Classes in your application being used as Spring beans

      Lightweight remoting—HttpInvoker, Hessian, Burlap, and POJO

      JDBC—JdbcTemplate and SimpleJdbcTemplate


      iBatis—SqlMapClientFactoryBean and SqlMapClientTemplate



      AFAIK, there is no sample Spring integration code in the SiA code download.

      Is there a simple example for the non-hybrid approach (using the poor man's integration from 15.2) or wiki that covers this well?  I'm looking to leverage some Spring functionality in my Seam app (not vice versa!)

      I'm looking for mostly code and config/xml rather than the verbage/explanation...