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    Drools RuleFlow integration

    Tihomir Surdilovic Master

      We added support for Drools RuleFlow (JBSEAM-4219):

      You can now add a ruleflow (.rf or .rfm) as part of your rule files list, for example

      <drools:rule-base name="policyPricingRules" rule-files="policyPricingRules.drl, policyPricingRulesFlow.rf"/> 

      Note since Seam uses Drools5 jars now, when using the Drools 4.x RuleFlow (.rfm) format you need to specify the


      system property on server startup. This is however still an experimental feature and we advise to use the Drools5 (.rf) format if possible.      

      You can now also start a ruleflow process from your pageflow using the startProcessId element, for example:

      <handler class="org.jboss.seam.drools.DroolsDecisionHandler">
              <!-- if a ruleflow was added -->

      These changes should be available in 2.2.0.GA.