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    seam works with informix db

    sergio amaya Newbie

      i have so many problems with informix db , im working in a project with JBPM ,and seam, and works great in postgresql, but when i try to run with informix all crashes... im missing something about informix??? maybe is not supported ???

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          Leon Suarez Newbie

          Sergio maybe you got the answer?
          could you help me?

          I hope!


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            Leon Suarez Newbie

            How to get Seam working propertly with INFORMIX 9.4

            I've tried with so many ORM like Hibernate, OpenJPA, EclipseLink
            and none works, the main problem was when I try to do a query with like '%substring%', so I decide change my Restrictions from:

            "lower(item.id.codigo) like lower(concat('%',concat(#{item.codigo}),'%'))"
            and I got my Hibernate query like: like lower(('%'(?)'%'))

            "lower(item.id.codigo) like lower(#{item.codigo})"

            by this way I got the rendered query like: like lower(?)

            but in my input text, the user could use %10% by this way he can
            do queries like %10% which was the goal.

            I've also tried to do some Native Queries, but when Hibernate try to map to the asigned entity crashes..

            by the other hand, the em.persist works ok, so I think I'll get success with this project.