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    Cannot get Bijection to work!

    Michael Angelo Newbie

      I am trying to in/outject a stateful session bean so that it retains its value between page hits. The stateful bean looks like this:

      public class UserInfoBean implements UserInfo {

      The bean that I am trying to inject it into looks like this:

      public class SetListDragDropBean implements SetListDragDrop {
           @Logger private Log log;
           @In(value="memberGroupHasSongHome", create=true)
           MemberGroupHasSongHome groupSongsHome;     
           private EntityManager entityManager;
           @In(create=true) @Out
           UserInfo userInfo;

      This isn't the actual way that I want it. This is just a test, but I cannot get an injected bean to show the value that it had previously. I am trying to retain some user info in a stateful bean after a successful log in. I am trying to implement this in the Authenticator class, but I can't anything to work.