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    Createing entities

    Dan Sellars Newbie
      Hello all,

      I have just been working my way through the Seam tutorial and I have come up with come questions redardign creating entities.

      In the first example (register) the Entity User is created like:


      I kind of get how this is explained, linking a table name and name to the entity.

      When I generate an entity using seam-gen it does some other funky stuff in that it just annotates the entity with @Entity and creates UserHome and UserList objects.  There does not seem to be any linking to the database table going on apart from in the UserList Query. 

      So my questions come down to:

      1) why is the seam-gen entty not annotated like the other one.

      2) what do the UserHome and UserList objects (Seam application Framework) really give me above the other way?  why would I want to use them?