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    rich:tree control problem

    Ramanuja Reddy Newbie

      hi every one,i have a problem on rich:tree control i.e, i am unable to open seleted node after page refreshing.
      here is my code.

      <rich:tree id="treenode" adviseNodeSelected="#{canalNetwork.openNode()}" 
                                              value="#{canalNetwork.data}" var="node" selectedClass="nodeSel" adviseNodeOpened="#{canalNetwork.openNode()}"
                                              switchType="client" style="width:280px;" preserveModel="state">
                                                  <rich:treeNode ajaxSingle="true" 
                                                  iconLeaf="img/singer.gif" icon="img/singer.gif" selectedClass="nodeSel">
                                                      <s:link action="#{canalNetwork.selectCanal}">
                                                          <f:param name="tnode" value="#{node}" />
                                                          <h:outputText  value="#{node}" />