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    seam and axis2

    dan liu Newbie


      Is it possible to intergrate seam and axis2?
      If so, is there any example available so that I can set up the project?


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          Cody Lerum Apprentice

          Going to have to be a little more specific in your question.

          For example I use Seam 2.1.2 and also use Axis2 within the same application to query and update information from salesforce.com via the web services API.

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            dan liu Newbie


            I use Seam2.1.2 and Axis1.3.
            I have this seam web project runs on tomcat, and need to add in web service functions both as web service provider and web service client.

            My question is how to add the axis2 to my seam web project (what steps of configuration I need to do)? Will the web service be able to access seam component inside the conversation and how?

            Thank you very much for your input. /dan