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    Bean creation with Seam intergration in existing JSF project

    Erik Brink Newbie

      Hi there,

      Currently I started to use Seam within my existing JSF project with Richfaces components on a Tomcat webserver. Adding all of the jar-files went well and I can start my application. At first I tried to convert a managed bean with actionListener methods to a bean with scope EVENT using annotations. I removed the declaration from my faces-config file.

      Now my bean seems not to be created when the event of the buttons fires. The exception I get is:

      PropertyNotFoundException: Target Unreachable, identifier 'gridBackingBean' resolved to null.

      I tried to add empty component.xml and seam.properties files to my META-INF and webContent folders, but that makes no sence.

      Any idea what I am doing wrong? Is it possible that Seam can not find my managed beans in my src map??