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    Error messages are not displayed when using Seam exception handling with long running conversations

    Anand Shanwad Newbie
      We use seam exception handling to redirect a user to an error page when an unhandled exception is detected by Seam. 
      This works fine unless we are using a Seam long running conversation.  In that case, after a unhandled exception is thrown, Seam re-directs the user to the error page, but the associated faces message specified in pages.xml is not displayed on the page.  Refreshing this page several times will eventually display that faces message.

      Code in pages.xml is as below:
      <exception class="java.lang.Throwable">
           <end-conversation />
           <redirect view-id="/pages/Error.xhtml">
                <message severity="ERROR">Internal Error.</message>

      We are using the Seam (2.0.1GA).
      Do I  need to configure anything, so error message can be displayed in error page.

      Thanks in adavnce