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    Is Infinispan going to be deployable as JBossAS 4/5 clusteri

    Jorge Morales Master

      I'm wondering if Infinispan would be a replace for bundled JBossCache in JBAS 4 or 5 series.
      If not, I guess that for anybody willing to use Infinispan inside an app in JBAS there will be a document (probably wiki) explaining the steps to follow to make it work with minimal/default/all JBAS configuration.

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          Manik Surtani Master

          In future JBAS versions, yes. 4 and 5, no. :-)

          There is no reason why it should not work bundled in a WAR or an EAR; one example of it is the Infinispan REST API, which is a WAR file that bundles all of the necessary Infinispan libs and exposes a REST API. This can be deployed in JBAS.

          But you are right, it is probably a good idea to start a wiki page with some simple steps on how to achieve this; feel like volunteering to create one?

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            Jorge Morales Master

            I want to know how to solve this bussiness case.
            Now, I have an application, deployed as as .sar file with modified jgroups/jbc3.x (modified package names to eliminate name clash) and there is no ear isolation, so I can deploy services (as ears) and use the cache deployed in the .sar. The JBAS configuration is all (we need clustering).
            We want to upgrade our application to use Infinispan, and we want to know if there is any way (other tha modifying package names again) to make it live together bundled JBAS`JBC (w/ JGroups 2.6.x) and Infinispan (w/ Jgroups 2.8).
            This time we can set it up with classloading isolation, but we don want to deploy infinispan caches instances in every war, but deploy it as a global service usable from within the ear applications.
            Is it possible anyway?
            Anyway I will try to investigate on this, and if I get any conclusion try to post it here. Making a Wiki can be an option, but I can only investigate my use case, not a complete set of options.