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    Show validation errors without real hibernate model based validation exceptions

    Moritz Winter Newbie


      we've got several ejbs which contain entities and services and should be presented by a seam frontend. We're now facing the problem that theres no elegant solution to show valdiation exceptions which are specific to our business services in another way than jsf-global.
      As far as the documentation goes there are three possible ways to show a validation exception:

      1. As a global JSF message

      2. HTML-Field specific by hibernate validation

      3. HTML-Field specific by JSF addMessageToComponent Method

      The first option isn't good if the validation can be tracked down to a property of a bean represented by a field/component in the page. The second option is very elegant but only works with hibernate validations. The third option would work for us but its hard to keep a mapping of view-id to bean-property.
      So my question is: Assuming we have the following information about a failed validation:

      • class of entity bean

      • name of property

      • cause of validation exception

      Could we somehow manually raise a hibernate validation exception, which encapsulates this information and view it using the


      tag without using hibernate validation annotations on the entity beans?
      Or is there a best practice for mapping the id to an validation exception using JSF option number 3?

      Thanks in advance.