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    Seam Mail messages identified as Junk by some email cients?

    GT Nguyen Newbie

      I've been using Seam Mail to send emails and that's working fine with the code below:

      <m:message xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
          <m:from name="company@test.com" address="company@test.com" />
          <m:to name="#{toemail}" address="#{toemail}" />
               <p><h:outputText value="test"/></p>

      However, some email clients would mistaken these messages as Junk.  When that happened, the email that's generated by the Seam Mail template would have an attachment, even though there was none ...

      I compared this against a message that was sent using regular javax.mail (same STMP server, same Sender/Receipient, same message, no attachment).  The javax.mail message gets through without any problem, the Seam Mail one has an attachment and ends up in the Junk box ????

      Has anyone else run into this?  Please advise.