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    bypass quartz dispatcher only in certain asynchronous methods

    Jonne Deprez Newbie

      In one part of my application I use a Richfaces progress bar to inform the user about the progress of a long running process. I based my work on the explanation in this thread.
      The long running thread is a method annotated with @Asynchronous that continuously updates a field progress of the stateful bean it is a part of. From the moment the user click the 'Start' button, the asynchronous method is launched and the progress bar will poll the bean with a fixed interval to update its own value, until the process is finished. This works great.

      But, since I activated Quartz in the same application, methods annotated by @Asynchronous are captured by the Quartz dispatcher. Arguments passed to an @Asynchronous method now all need to be Serializable, which wasn't the case in the progress bar method. Quartz now wants to store a reference to the asynchronous job in the database, which is not at all necessary.

      So my question is: is there a way to bypass the quartz dispatcher for certain methods and to use it for others?