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    Possible to hot incremental deploy JavaBean in Seam 2.x with EAR?

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I have an exploded EAR that I'd like to hot incrementally deploy JavaBean components with.

      from 2.1.1 ref doc:

      If you create a WAR project using seam-gen, incremental hot deployment is available out of the
      box for classes in the src/hot source directory. However, seam-gen does not support incremental
      hot deployment for EAR projects.

      So is it possible to hot redeploy JavaBean component in an exploded EAR?  If yes, what must I do to enable this?

      Also, this is a very limiting restriction:

      the hot-deployable components will not be visible to any classes deployed outside of WEB-INF/dev

      if you have EJB3 components in your project as well that reference (or are injected into, etc.) the JavaBean components...

      Is this going to be fixed/improved in Seam 3?