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    master details in seam

    madhu reddy Newbie


              Is there any example explained in jboss seam examples. Can any one help me i am strucked in this case.


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          Jaime Martin Apprentice
          You have several examples explained in the reference documentation (in your seam installation directory you have a doc directory and there you have documentation in pdf and html) For instance pdf is in ..\jboss-seam-2.1.1.GA\doc\reference\en-US\pdf

          In chapter one you have the following examples explained (Seam 2.1.1 version):
          - 1.2. Your first Seam application: the registration
          - 1.3. Clickable lists in Seam: the messages example
          - 1.4. Seam and jBPM: the todo list example
          - 1.5. Seam pageflow: the numberguess example
          - 1.6. A complete Seam application: the Hotel Booking
          - 1.7. Nested conversations: extending the Hotel Booking
          - 1.8. A complete application featuring Seam and jBPM:
          the DVD Store example
          - 1.9. Bookmarkable URLs with the Blog example

          And don´t forget that the rest of the chapters cover important Seam features and concepts.