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    Application multilanguage with chinese

    Andreas Hoffmann Newbie


      we implement an application with three languages en,de and CHINESE. With en as default language. Using messages-properties files from SEAM 2.1.1 everything works fine, the user account has stored tha language... the proper file is used. BUT the chinese characters are rendered as ??? and not as they should. As is understood the docu and the seam in action book the properties files must be ascii... can anyone help me out how he did it??

      Any ideas or hints to read on ?
      TX Andy

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          Nikos Paraskevopoulos Novice


          What is the encoding of the chinese resource bundles? What is the encoding of the application?

          Did you use the native2ascii tool, the corresponding Ant task, or any relevant tool of your IDE to transform the resource bundle .properties file from something like:




          You should check the .properties that are actually deployed to the server for this.