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    Interceptors in Seam

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      SiA book:

      Table 6.6 The @BypassInterceptors annotation
      Name: BypassInterceptors
      Purpose: If applied to a method, disables all the interceptors that are wrapped around a single
      method call. If applied to a component, it has the same effect as applying it to every
      method on the component.
      Target: TYPE (class), METHOD

      If you compare the Seam interceptor technology to EJB3 or Spring AOP, what are the similarities and differences?  (e.g. AroundInvoke, etc.)

      Advice: Information about "when" an aspect is to be executed with respect to the join point. Examples of types of advice are "around," "before," and "after." They specify when the aspect's code will execute with respect to a particular join point.

      Perhaps AOP is overkill for most crosscurtting/orthogonal concerns, but is Seam missing anything here?