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    Enable JSF-facelet logging in JBoss 4.2.2

    Christopher Rudolf Newbie

      I want to debug a custom performance problem and therefore i want to enable the jsf-facelet debugging.

      I use the viewhandler inside of jsf-facelets-1.1.15.B1.jar. Also jsf-facelets uses java.util.logger i read, that it is possible to activate the logging in the jboss-log4j.xml. I added the lines:

         <category name="javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf">
           <priority value="ALL" ></priority>
           <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE"></appender-ref>
         <category name="facelets">
           <priority value="ALL" ></priority>
           <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE"></appender-ref>

      But if i start the application i get no debug information, that is in that class:

      I have set the facelets.DEVELOPMENT parameter to true.

      I get the following log if i call a page (i added the lifecyclelistener from balusC):

      01:17:01,463 INFO  [STDOUT] BeforePhase: RESTORE_VIEW 1
      01:17:01,463 INFO  [STDOUT] AfterPhase: RESTORE_VIEW 1
      01:17:01,478 INFO  [STDOUT] BeforePhase: RENDER_RESPONSE 6
      01:17:02,463 INFO  [STDOUT] Hibernate:
              user0_.id as id0_,
              user0_.name as name0_,
              user0_.version as version0_,
              user0_.password as password0_,
              user0_.username as username0_
              users user0_
      01:17:02,494 INFO  [STDOUT] AfterPhase: RENDER_RESPONSE 6

      I want to see more information...

      Thanks in advance,