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    Can't Catch connection Data Base's lose

    Victor Hugo Molinar Newbie

      Sup Guys, I am posting this one cause I am in a trouble.
      I have an application that uses JSF, Hibernate, Seam and Spring. And actually my bad is that when my application loses the connection data base, i can't catch it for redirect to an error page. I've searched trough the internet by someone that probably had this same problem, but i'ven't found it.

      Let me try to describe u these scenarios that leads me to the trouble.
      When my application loses the connection database(cause of deployment problems), the tomcat redirect the browser to default error page that says something like it
      'redirect without an end' and the Seams Debug Page is not displayed. I really don't understand why it happens, i've expected that seams would display the exception on the browser, but it is only visible at catalina log in eclipse.

      Actually i'm trying to catch the excpetion(that is visible at catalina log) with this setting at pages.xml:

      <exception class="org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter">
      <redirect view-id="/error.xhtml">
      <message severity="warn">Conexão com o banco de dados foi perdida.</message>

      but it isn't working on. So, someone already have a trouble like this? Someone have a suggestion or any solution to me?

      obs: I'm using Spring for transaction controlling and Seam for variable injection and Spring management.

      I'm desespered :(
      Please help me guys.