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    Custom button tag VS pages.xml

    Bob Mauranne Newbie

      Hello everyone.

      Every button in my application have the same series of child components and css styles and stuff. So instead of copy/paste this button everytime, i had to make a custom tag.

      I used (copy/paste) the method explained here http://drewdev.blogspot.com/2006/06/creating-composite-controls-with-jsf.html

      But it is a non-seam method, so my pageflow (in pages.xml) won't work : it doesn't recognize the call to my method.

      How could i do the same thing so it will work as expected ?

      I don't know if i'm clear enough, i have no real knowledge in jsf and seam, and it's kind of the same for everyone in my IT dpt :/

      Could someone help me please ?