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    selectOneMenu in dataTable row

    Miloslav Vlach Novice

      Hi, I have problem with this.

      I would like to display a table. In the last column I displaying the action buttons. When user click on the row action a new  rich:modalPanel is displayed. In this modalPanel is some text and the h:selectOneMenu.

      My problem is I can't get valid selected value from the combobox. I think there is problem with table row iteration.

                              <h:outputLink value="#" id="link">
                                  move to category
                                  <rich:componentControl for="panel" attachTo="link" operation="show" event="onclick"/>
                              <a4j:commandLink value="Smazat" action="#{manageTicketsInCategories.deleteContentOfCategory(t)}" reRender="manageTicketsInCategoriesTable">
                              <rich:modalPanel id="panel" width="350" height="100">
                                  <f:facet name="controls">
                                          <h:graphicImage value="/img/error.png" styleClass="hidelink" id="hidelink"/>
                                          <rich:componentControl for="panel" attachTo="hidelink" operation="hide" event="onclick"/>
                                      <h:selectOneMenu id="categorySelect" value="#{manageTicketsInCategories.selectedCategory}">
                                          <s:selectItems value="#{categorySelectBean.categoriesNative}" var="tt"
                                          <s:convertEntity />
                                          reRender="manageTicketsInCategoriesTable" />

      I have played with this:

      Category selectedCategory;

      no succesfully.

      When i try

      <h:selectOneMenu id="categorySelect" value="#{t.selectedCategory}">

      All selectOneMenu send their value to this property.

      Know somebory how to solve my problem ? Can I use anythink different (but I would like to use the modalPanel, I wouldn't like to use another redirect to page).

      Thanks Mila