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    Why entity.page.xml parameter?

    Ahmad Adly Newbie

      I used Seam-gen to create reversed engineer screens and EJB for some DB tables.
      I have a DB table with name Employee

       id: int,

      The generated EmployeeList.xhtml contains

           <s:decorate template="layout/display.xhtml">
                <ui:define name="label">Name</ui:define>
                <h:inputText id="name" value="#{employeeList.employee.name}" />

      and the generated EmployeeList.page.xml contains

      <param name="name" value="#{employeeList.employee.name}"/>

      I expected that <param> defined in page.xml is used for map any external request param to this name property.
      But I am surprised when I removed that param from page.xml, with that page is not working like expected.

      My question is, how is Seam work and handle the JSF binding with Request param in page.xml?

      Or by another way, why I should specify <param> in page.xml while I am already binding the JSF control in EmployeeList.xhtml?

      Thanks in advance.