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    seam glassfish eclipse

    Steti Casian Newbie

      hello to everybody...I'm new to seam and I need a litlle bit help:

      I tryied the registration example(seam 2.1.2 CR1) with jboss 5 ga and it worked but because I'm also new to jboss and I'm feeling more confortable with  glassfish(2.1) ,I was moving back to glassfish ,trying the booking example and the blog example-using eclipse.

      I didn't succeded at all with the blog ,I'll try again ,but a strange stuff happened:
      I made working the booking example(from eclipse) ,but seems that just for a day,the next days I was trying ,I got a 404,does anybody know what's happening?I'm missing smth...some cache stuff? and for the blog with lucene ?(from eclipse) Regards