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    scope of a user when registering

    Juan Antonio Viñuales Newbie


      I'm developing a quite simple seam application that lead me to a quite simple question.
      I have a 'user' entity named 'usuario', scoped to SESSION:

      public class Usuario ...{
       private String name;
       private String email;

      However, when registering a new user, i use a conversation, managed by the ejb 'registroAction':

      public class RegistroAction ... {
       private Usuario usuario;

      Then, as you can see, when the registering begins, a user is injected in the 'registroAction' component to manage the whole process.
      The problem is the following:

      - as 'usuario' has a session scope, leaving the registration page and re-entering, causes the form to repopulate with the values yo eventually entered before:

      <h:inputText id="email" value="#{usuario.email}" ...>

      - if a user if logged in, and enters the registration page, the whole form is populated with the actual user values (I've not try this yet, but i guess that is what will happen)

      what's the correct approach to solve this?

      thanks in advance,