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    Error on showing error messages

    Matias  Santana Newbie

      Hi guys!
      I've stucked on this like a week ago and i hope someone has a clue.

      Here´s the situation.

      I have a modal panel with an ajax commmandButton, and when i press it, the method on the backing bean makes some validations.
      If there´s exists not valid data i throw an exception, and add to FacesMessage a message.

      I tried with all components like h message or rich message, but without succed.

      Here you have the code.

      This is the button on the page

      <a:commandButton value="Aceptar" rendered="#{movimientoHome.operacionSeleccionada != 'Transferir'}"
                propagation="default" title="Aceptar"
                    action="#{stockHome.agregarProductoAfectado()}" reRender="stockSelecList">

      Here is where i add the message to FacesMessage:

      catch (NoResultException e) {
           FacesMessages.instance().add("No existe un factor para las unidades de medida seleccionadas");
           return false;

      I have deleted from the coded all the message components, hoping someone has an idea where to put it.

      Thanx in advice guys!!! I really need this help.!