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    s:decorate won't rerender on ajax refresh (RErender, not render ;-)

    Jan Groth Novice


      as stated in the subject line: i don't get s:decorate to rerender after an ajax refresh triggered by a treeview:

      This is the relevant treeview (1):

      <rich:treeNode type="vertrag" ajaxSubmitSelection="true" reRender="tabsPanel" iconLeaf="/img/tree/document.png" icon="/img/tree/document.png">
           <h:outputText value="#{item.name}" />
           <rich:componentControl event="oncontextmenu" for="vertragMenu" operation="show" >
                <f:param value="#{item.name}" name="itemName"/>

      This is the panel (2):

      <rich:panel id="tabsPanel" styleClass="panel_noborder"  bodyClass="panel_noborder" ">
           <rich:panel switchType="ajax" id="mandantVnTab" width="660px" rendered="#{mandantTreeBean.nodeType=='mandant_vn'}"
                     styleClass="panel_noborder"  bodyClass="panel_noborder">
           <ui:include src="/facelets/mandant/vnTab01.xhtml"/>

      This is the relevant part of the included tab (3):

           <td><h:outputText value="#{labels.man_vn_mandantentyp}" /></td>
           <td colspan="3"><h:outputText value="#{labels.item1}" styleClass="xxl" /></td>
      <s:decorate template="/layout/sections/editTableRow.xhtml">
                <ui:define name="label">#{labels.item2}</ui:define>
                <ui:param name="id" value="mandantTab1_item2" />
                <h:inputText id="mandantTab1_item2" forceId="true" required="true"
                     maxlength="50" styleClass="xxl" value="#{mandantAction.mandant.item2}" />

      the decoration itself is stripped down to nothing else but an empty table row. the tab stops rendering right before the decoration, no console / log output.

      everything works fine when i remove the decoration.

      any help appreciated ;-)