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    problem with quartz and the richfaces progress bar

    Jonne Deprez Newbie

      The progress bar example on the richfaces demo site is only a very simple graphical demonstration of the component. In a real life application there will often be an asynchronous method behind it. The thread Asynchronous Tasks and Richfaces Progress Bar shows a more realistic way to use the component. Works great, until you activate the Quartz Dispatcher.
      Just by adding the quartz module to application.xml and


      to components.xml, the progress bar will stop working.

      The way the asynchronous process was initiated, was by passing the bean itself as a parameter to the call.

      public class AsyncExample {
      public String startProcess(AsyncExample asyncExample) throws InterruptedException { ... }

      I have the impression that the standard dispatcher will keep the reference to the original bean, while quartz will make a copy of it. The progress bar on the page gets it's value from the original bean, so in the quartz case, it will never get updated. Is this a bug or is there another way to use the progress bar with quartz?