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    Multiple Persist on the same request

    Juan Carreño Newbie

      Im using the Seam framework (With EntityQuery and EntityHome)

      Im doing a form for a Sale Order request, with order, details and products...

      One Order have a lot of details, but a detail only have a Order
      One Product have a lot of details, but a detail only have a Product

      On the same page, i want to save:

      • One Order

      • One Product

      • One Detail and get related with the Order and the product

      I have some trouble with the instance, with a submit i do a method (saveOrder), i do 2 persist on my session bean, and later i have to redirect to the same page but i need that only one instance stays (Order)... the other have to get destroy (Detail and Product)... because the same page have to be ready to save a new detail

      The method that im using is this:

          public void saveOrder() {
              orderHome.saveNew(); // it do the Order Persist
              this.persist();        // It do the Detail Persist
              Details details= this.getDefinedInstance();
              this.total = Float.valueOf( "0" );
              if (details != null) {
                 if(details.getQuantity() == null){
                     details.setQuantity(Float.valueOf( "1" ));
                 Products products = productsHome.getDefinedInstance();
                 if (products != null) {
                    this.total = products.getPricesale() * detallesfacturas.getQuantity();