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      Resolving Seam components from JSF
      Seam establishes a bridge between JSF and its own container by registering a custom
      expression language (EL) resolver with the JSF 1.2 application runtime. The configuration
      for this resolver is defined in the faces-config.xml descriptor in the Seam
      core JAR file:


      When a Seam component name is used as the root—the first segment—of an EL
      expression, Seam either locates or creates a component instance and makes it available
      to the variable resolver. For instance, the EL resolver divides the expression
      #{passwordBean.password} into the method getPassword() on a Seam component
      named passwordBean. If the custom resolver cannot find a matching Seam
      component, it passes the torch back to the default JSF variable resolver.

      I don't have that xml snippet in my faces-config.xml.  But the EL resolution all seems to work just fine.

      Can somebody plz explain this (I am using Seam 2.0.2)?

      And what exactly is the Seam container??