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    Where do you put the dependency jars??

    Joseph McKittrick Newbie

      Using JBoss Developer Studio 2.0 and Seam 2.1 ...  I have a SEAM Web Project with an EJB module.    I cannot get the dependencies to behave properly.    The project has had several developers working on it and there are dependency jars in web-inf/lib and in EarContents.  

      I was told the proper approach with SEAM is to put all the dependencies into web-inf/lib and then add references to them in application.xml.    This is fine for compilation in the IDE (i.e. it seems to resolve all the classes properly based on the Web App Library item).

      The problem is when the EAR is deployed,   the EAR is not packed with the dependency jars out of web-inf/lib.    How do I resolve this?    It seems like duplicating all of them in two locations is a kludgey solution.     Is there a standard approach to solving this?     None of the SEAM examples I could see actually go far enough to contain external dependencies.   Also the documentation seems vague.    Any help would be appreciated for this SEAM newbie.