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    Modifications to home.xhtml not displayed

    Eric Lecompte Newbie

      Hello everybody,

      I try to create my first project with Seam but nothing succeeds like it should!
      I work on Windows, and created a project with seam-gen.
      A lot of files are created, and when going to localhost:8080/helloworld, a page is displayed: Welcome to Seam! Your seam-gen project is deployed! Here are some of the features this project provides:...

      But if I change the home.xhtml file changing Seam by My blog for instance, and reload the page, the text displayed is still Welcome to Seam!.
      I tried to restart JBoss and reboot my computer and cleared my Internet cache but the text displayed is Welcome to Seam! even if the content of home.xhtml is Welcome to My Blog!.

      Can you help me?

      Thanks in advance,