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    Seam groovybooking Maven version

    Leif Olsen Newbie


      I have made a Maven version og the groovybooking example application.
      There was not much to find on the www about Seam+Grovy+Maven, so i had to do a lot of experimenting to get Groovy to play nice in such a context. The groovy-all jar dependency, version 1.5.4, provided by the Seam-2.1.2 root POM did not work; I had to upgrade the dependency to version 1.6.3 which in turn affected the gmaven plugin:


      Note that


      corresponds to groovy-all version 1.6.x

      But anyway, the experimenting (trail and errors) paid off and I finally got the groovybooking example application to build, deploy and run without errors.

      The source code can be found here:

      A small wiki page is here:

      Leif Olsen