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    cancel buttons

    Steve Jagels Newbie

      I have a page with a cancel button on it.  I have a separate h:form around it so that it can go to a different page than if the user clicks submit and to avoid validation of the fields.  The page defaults to having the cursor on a required input tag.  On my dev site clicking submit works fine.  But on the QA site it displays a validation message for the required field and the user is forced to click submit twice instead of once.  I have used both h:commandLink as well as s:button and both behave the same way.

      Any ideas for allowing the user to click cancel only once?  Or why it behaves differently on the dev and QA sites (yes, they have the exact same code).  I'm using eclipse 3.4, jboss 4.3.0.GA, jdk  TIA.