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    Using Seam within a SOA as a Service Consumer

    David Fry Newbie

      I am looking for best practices as far as using the Seam framework to participate in a SOA.  In Particular, where web services have been implemented for entity services as well as business services, what is the best practice for utilizing Seam to invoke these services?  It seems that all the examples shown are where the persistence is handled by EJBs or JPA.  Ideally, I would like to map request objects to wsdl request messages and have the framework deal with the routing of the soap requests and responses without the programmer having to code axis clients within EJBs, etc, etc.

      Any thoughts, ideas?

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          Are you using/evaluating Seam at Time Warner (I work at Cox :)?

          Seam supports conversational web services, see 24.3. An example web service of the Seam ref doc (2.1.2.GA).

          You can write a service layer for your web services and generate the stubs using wsconsume or wsprovide which are in %JBOSS_HOME%\bin.

          I have recently used Axis 1.4 to create stubs for a client in Seam app that consumes a web service at a remote location (inserts record into db).

          Be specific as to whether you want to expose or consume web service methods....

          As web services must be implemented as either a stateless session bean or POJO...

          from ref doc.  You don't necessarily have to use EJB component to consume or expose web services...