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    1.0.3 release ready, 1.1 release being planned


      Byteman 1.0.3 is ready for release. It will include a whole load of bug fixes and small feature additions. Like 1.0.2 it will be built on a 1.5 JDK. This will be the final 1.5 release. After that the intention is to move to 1.6 in order to use the retransform capabilities of the instrumentation package introduced in that release.

      The plan is for Byteman 1.1 to support installation of rules into running programs as well as at program start. This wil be achieved by employing an optional listener thread in the agent. A separate application can be used to submit requests to the agent via the listener. It will be possible to list all currently loaded rules and identify where they have been injected into methods and compiled (also to list failures). The listener will also allow new rules or new definitions of existiing rules to be submitted. Where necessary existing injected code will be recompiled to inject the required trigger code.

      This should make development and debugging of Byteman scripts easier and In the long term it should pave the way for automating the use of rules via an IDE plugin.