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    Seam training

    Arbi Sookazian Master


      note the title of this Seam course:

      JB170 JBoss: SEAM Essentials

      Redhat: it's Seam, not SEAM!

      Also, there is no advanced Seam training still.

      And there are no dates available for Advanced Hibernate.

      What is going on with Redhat/JBoss??

      Are there any alternative training options??

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          Nikolay Elenkov Master

          Is technology training really worth your time and money?
          I really doubt that anyone can teach you anything practically useful in 3 days.
          The course materials might have some value as a reference, but still, $2,498?

          I don't think so. Even it was called 'Super Advanced Seam for Exprets' :)

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            Arbi Sookazian Master

            Typically employers pay for it.  It's funny, I took the Intro to Hibernate class and the instructor would refuse to discuss 2nd level cache.  JBoss makes all their money on training and consulting so he said you need to take the advanced training or get consulting on site for your project (or something they call workshop).

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              Jean Luc Apprentice

              These courses may be useful for beginners but very seldom do they reach levels that would realistically be labelled 'advanced'. Just compare the amount of information in the SiA book versus the typical binder of Powerpoint handouts that is given at most courses. There's no way they can cover Seam in the same amount of detail. You become an advanced user by working with the technology - this forum helps a lot.

              Also, it matters a lot who teaches the course. Is it a developer who was hired by the company, given the same course, assigned to be a trainee teacher helping another trainer and covering for small areas for several months, then made a full trainer? If so, the expertise of that trainer is not in Seam itself, but only in the training material. Or is it one of the developers and active participants in this forum?

              I think advanced courses are not viable financially for large corporations. It's harder to gather enrollments (usually you would have one senior developer/technical architect per team sent to this). Companies may be more reluctant to send a senior techie to expensive training, giving the reason you're a senior developer, you ought to figure this out by yourself, after all, there are several books and a forum.

              With the recession any kind of expensive training (and all training is, especially if it involves hotel and flights) is a hard sell today.

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                Arbi Sookazian Master

                Especially if the training involves flights/hotels.  Redhat/JBoss didn't have any middleware (JBoss AS/Seam/Hibernate) courses in Los Angeles area.  It was very sad.

                I guess conferences are good, you're right the books, webinars, recorded presentations (like Hibnerate Scaling by Emanuel Bernard) and forums help the most (as well as working with bright ppl on your team).

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                  Brian Abston Newbie

                  This is an old topic but wanted to chime in that Seam Essentials training class was horrible. I took it back in January in Dallas and it isn't worth it. At least 1/2 the examples didn't work and the manual had tons of typos and spelling errors. The only saving grace was the instructors. Total waste of money IMO. Just get Dan Allen's book.

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                    Arbi Sookazian Master

                    Damn that's lame.  May as well attend a conference instead of a JBoss training class...