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    Strange problem using rich:dataTable and sortBy

    John Public Newbie

      I seem to be having a strange problem using rich:dataTable and sortBy attribute of rich:column.

      I have extended EntityQuery to add some home grown stuff. This is my BaseQuery class. I extend this BaseQuery class and this is my SpecificQuery class.

      In the SpecificQuery class, I have getEjbQL, getRestriction  and getResultList. getResultList gets the result list from super class (EntiryQuery) and the result list is then massaged by SpecificQuery.

      Initially the table comes out ok. However, when I sort on a column, getResultList is called. However, it returns 0 results. getEjbQL for this class is null (which probably explains why the result List is zero)

      What could I be doing wrong?

      Any help is appreciated.