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    Custom Component with MethodExpression attribute

    Tim Evers Master

      Hey guys,

      I know this isn't really a SEAM related question entirely but I'm having problems creating a custom component and I'm not sure what technology is getting in my way or if I'm just doing something completely wrong.

      I am trying to make a custom component (extension of org.jboss.seam.ui.component.html.HtmlFragment) and I want to add an attribute to it. I want this attribute to store a method expression. Now I've made other custom components and they all work fine, but none of them have a method expression on them. When I put a value in this custom attribute it is evaluated and the result is stored in the component. But I don't want the result I want the actual method expression stored.

      I have been reading tutorials/blogs/guides and every bit of doco I can find for doing this and nothing is working for me.

      Most examples have JSP specific stuff or don't have facelets in them.

      Is there anyone out there with an example of a custom component built for use in JSF with Facelets that has a methodExpression attribute?

      I would be very grateful for any help to get this working.