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    Excel xls-format-mask With Dates

    Sean Gurevich Newbie

      Trying to define a class that sets the xls-format-mask property on a cell, I have been unsuccessful at defining the following DateFormat pattern: MM/dd/yy HH:mm. I have read the following thread: http://seamframework.org/Community/ExcelExportXlsforcetype. In that case, the underlying issue seemed to be the semicolon; whereas, in this case, the problem seems to be the space and/or the colon.

      My stylesheet contains the following class:

      .dateWithTime {
           xls-format-mask:"MM/dd/yy HH:mm"

      I've tried escaping the space and/or the colon by prefixing a backslash as well as using the hex encoded value in place of the space and/or the colon. Every combination has produced a warning from the Parser regarding the syntax of a class property and the style has no effect on the spreadsheet.

      Googling seemed to indicate spaces are handled simply by wrapping quotes around the value, but no mention of escaping colons. Can someone enlighten this Web UI noob upon proper CSS stylesheet escaping of that darn colon character? :-)

      BTW, in the meantime, I've settled on using the cryptic value of FORMAT9 for my date format, since it is pretty close to my intended pattern.