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    wicket support for seam-gen

    Rob Shepherd Newbie

      I've submitted a new feature request for adding wicket support to seam-gen.

      I've also submitted a patch which provides rudimentary support for this.

      Currently the functionality is limited to:

      1. seam setup asks whether to use wicket OR jsf and subsequently asks for a wicket package.
      2. seam create-project will, if wicket is selected during setup, generate enough structure and code to build and run the most minimal of seam&wicket application, as per http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/SeamlessWicket

      3. I've not produced idea support, but eclipse works, netbeans should too.


      If there are any wicket&seam users who would like to test this then please feel do so.

      Please provide feedback - and any other comments which would help this work be adopted into the mainline repository.