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    encoding problem

    Nyilasy Péter Newbie


      I am using jboss-seam 2.1.2 with richfaces 3.3.0.GA. I tried seamgen, generated an application from jpa entity classes. It seems ok, but there is a problem with search pages. Whenever I enter an accented character (lik é, á, ó, ü..., I am Hungarian, so I definitely need these characters) to a searchfield input I get no search result, and after the action refreshes the page the accented character is transformed into some badly encoded character-like thing. Otherwise accented characters are OK in the application they can be saved, viewed, edited.
      I can circumvent the problem, but it would be great if I could use the simple generated search logic.
      I checked the forum, but did not find too many useful entries. I tried to set the web:character-encoding-filter in components.xml, but it did not help.
      Can anyone reproduce the error, or is it something specific to me?
      Does any of You have ideas for a solution?

      Thanks a lot