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    Two components with the same name when adding additional attributes

    Wolfgang Bergbauer Newbie

      Hi all,

      I want to define additional attributes for my seam authenticator component.
      I tried both the components.xml and the fine grained descriptor. But it seems that seam always wants to create an additional component.
      According to Seam in Action when I omit the name or class, it should not define a new component but configure the existing one.

      My authenticator:

      package com.weba.seam;
      public class AuthenticatorJboss {
              private Log log;

      fine grained AuthenticatorJboss.component.xml:

      <component name="authenticator">
        <property name="environment">@environment@</property> 

      this is the log result

      two components with same name, higher precedence wins: authenticator
      Two components with the same name and precedence - component name: authenticator, component classes: com.weba.seam.AuthenticatorJboss, com.weba.seam.AuthenticatorJboss

      when I remove the file everything loads fine.

      My final goal is to have 2 Authenticators, one for Websphere one for Jboss and configure the installation with something like:

      <component class="com.weba.seam.AuthenticatorJboss" installed=@installJbossAuthenticator@>
        <property name="environment">@environment@</property> 

      Thanks for your help,