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    Using JavaBeans for prototyping and EJBs for final deployment

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      So most of us are well aware of the fact that currently Seam does not support incremental hot deployment of EJB components.  The two files that we modify the most often during Seam app dev are facelets and SFSBs if you're deploying an EAR project to your app server.

      Anyways, is it somewhat standard to use JavaBeans, @Transactional, and WAR for your project during initial prototyping and dev/test and then refactor all or some JavaBeans to EJBs for final release to QA as EAR?

      I know that JavaRebel does enable some incremental hot deployment, like code changes in existing methods, but AFAIK there is nothing all-inclusive (hot deploy a new business method or signature mod to existing method).

      The dev/test turnaround time in terms of productivity is very important.  And even though with WAR approach, you still can't hot deploy entity class changes (perhaps adding Hibernate Validator annotations or new fields from db - and how often does that really happen?) you're still more productive with WAR than EAR.

      Are there any plans to add hot incremental deployment in Seam 3?  I think in one thread in this forum it was determined that it was technically impossible (or near impossible?) due to the proxies involved with EJBs.

      However, I saw this in the 2.1.2 ref doc:

      the components must be JavaBean components, they cannot be EJB3 beans (we are working on fixing this limitation)

      So is there a JIRA for this and what is the current status?