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    Seam 3 and EE 6 stack

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Interested in knowing what versions of different components of the EE 6 stack will be compatible or recommended for use with Seam 3.

      i.e. will we be able to use JSF 2.0, JPA 2.0, EJB 3.1 with Seam 3?  thx.

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          Pragun Mehta Newbie

          very important to know by all Seam users

          in my case, have a look

          As far as my continuous watch on Seam3.0/Spring3.0 next reelase in August or September 2009

          (1) Spring3.0 is providing early JEE6 support for JSF2.0 and JPA2.0 (Spring3.1 in Third Quarter 2010 will provide full support for all JEE6 Stack)

          (2) Seam3.0 in is providing support for
          JSR-314 JSF2.0
          JSR-318 EJB3.1
          JSR-317 JPA2.0
          JSR-311 REST
          JSR-299 WebBeans
          JSR-303 Bean Validation

          But only Seam Team can confirm this :)

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            Nicklas Karlsson Master

            Spring 3.1 will support JSR-299? Do you have any reference to that information?

            Seam 3 will probably support that list if I'm not mistaken...

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              Pragun Mehta Newbie

              yes, go through the interview link with Rod Johnson

              Question: Speaking of Java EE 6 and the Spring 3.0 time lines, Spring 3.0 will be out before Java EE 6 is scheduled to be released. Can you talk about how Java EE 6 features will be supported in Spring when Spring 3.0 is out and after that? 

              Answer: It's hard to predict because firstly we don't know exactly what will be in it and secondly we don't know when Java EE 6 will be public. The role of Spring framework will merely be a Java EE 6 implementation because Spring is an application framework and component model, not an application platform in itself, so where we will look to track Java EE 6 at a platform level would be the DM server. Of course, the functionality that is needed will be going in various open source projects, so I would expect that there would be some functionality that would go in Spring.

              We previously had a project called Pitchfork that was an EJB 3 implementation based on Spring. There will probably be a new project, which will start from scratch on a Spring 3.0 basis and do the same thing for EJB 3.1, then there are the technologies that may or may not be in such as WebBeans, which might be there in Spring projects to implement. With respect to timeline, I don't see it being predicated on Spring framework 3.0. I think there will probably be a number of open source projects that will track different parts of the specification and the whole thing will be rolled into the DM server and we will certify DM server as a Java EE 6 compliant server.

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                Nicklas Karlsson Master

                Hmm, I could be wrong but I interpret that as they will drop the WebBens libs + integration into the server and say look, we have a EE 6 server and then continue to use their own DI internally.

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                  Pragun Mehta Newbie

                  yes, it could be possible.

                  There are many reasons for Spring intention to become fully JEE6 compliant and one of it may be that Spring has entered into Application Server business with SpringSource DM Server product. And for that, its preferred to have JEE6 certified and fully compliant lable :)