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    Help from Seam Comunitty. Seam in production

    Vasilica Petcu Newbie

      Hello everyone.

      First of all, congratulations to everyone contributing to this wonderful framework.

      I'm currently located in Portugal, and I finally succeed to convince my bosses to invest in Seam development.(I'm in a company where 80-90 % of the software is produced in .NET) :)

      Now we are engaged in a competition with other companies for a big project front a successful bank. The other 2 companies are using a prototype with Spring framework.

      My problems are next:

      1. The client, is asking for any references about projects done in Seam,(if there are any projects in a bank environment, better). Any references would be appreciated, including the ones from the JBoss/RedHat employees.

      2. The same client, is asking for a fare comparation between Seam and Spring framework(the old question). He's tempted to trust more in a Spring framework because is more mature etc....

      Any help would be appreciated. My Email is:


      Best regards,

      Vasilica Petcu