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    Web Remote: Annotated method has no JS stub.

    Tim Morgan Newbie

      I have a problem using web remote.

      My goal is to have a button which is supposed to open a browser window but only if a bean member has a specific value.
      To achieve this I would like to use web remoting. I call a javascript method which makes a call via web remote and decides if it is allowed to open depending on the return value.

      I annotated the method on the interface, added the seam-remoting.jar but I do not get a javascript stub for the annotated method.

      I even tried it with the sayHello() example but I have the same effect.

      My code:

      The interface:

      public interface GalleryManagerLocal extends AssetManagerLocal {
              public String sayHello(String name);
              // some other methods

      The session bean:

      public class GalleryManager extends AssetManager implements GalleryManagerLocal {
              @WebRemote // tried with or without
              public String sayHello(String name) {
                      return ("\"Hello World\" von " + name);
              // some other methods

      The generated interface.js?galleryManager:

      Seam.Remoting.type.galleryManager = function() {
        this.__callback = new Object();
      Seam.Remoting.type.galleryManager.__name = "galleryManager";


      function sayHello() {
              var name = prompt("Name");
              Seam.Component.getInstance("galleryManager").sayHello(name, sayHelloCallback);

      alway leads to Seam.Component.getInstance(galleryManager).sayHello is not a function

      What can I do to get the annotated methods beeing included in the interface.js?
      It seems like the annotation is not read.